Monday, March 25, 2013

Well, pretty much all blogging software sucks

All I really wanted was a simple system. Something where I can easily -- that is, with little friction -- share things I find interesting as well as longer-form writing.  Something that allows me to focus on writing (for example, supports Markdown syntax). Something that doesn't require hours of time every month to patch and keep updated because it's been written to support all kinds of inherently risky technologies and is popular enough to be targeted by, well, everyone (Wordpress, I'm looking at you).

Of course, I wanted the basic things that make a blog a blog -- a syndication feed in Atom or RSS, a chronological archive, and a front page that shows the several most recent posts. Categories and tags aren't necessary for what I do, but if they're there, I will use them.

Oh, and if I need to switch off of the platform, then I want an easy export or access to the raw data of my posts, primarily in the format in which I wrote them (plain HTML or Markdown).

Every. Single. Platform. Seems to have either pushed to the "super-lightweight-static-site-generator" end of the spectrum, or "heres-a-rich-CMS-you-can-use-it-to-blog-I-guess" end. Blogger was, sadly, the closest thing. So here I am. Enjoy, I guess?

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