Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How not to do a live technology demo

  • Use a tiny font that you chose for its ability to fit lots of data on your laptop screen
  • Make sure your theme is a low-contrast theme with a lot of dark colors
  • Prepare your demo on a high-resolution screen, and don't use the native resolution of the projector
  • Switch quickly between various windows and input/output sources. The audience will understand what's going on, they don't need any visual cues about what you're changing from and to
  • Make sure you use a cool-looking window theme. It won't distract from your demo, especially if your audience doesn't think it's as cool as you think it is
  • When your demo doesn't go exactly to plan, make a predictable joke about how hard technology demos are
  • Under no circumstances have a screen capture or other form of video to use in case there are difficulties with your live demo. Your audience will enjoy watching your troubleshooting skills

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